While watching that footage you almost cannot help but feel every emotion that those two people are sharing. 

Courtesy of ABC News

Stunning surveillance footage captured the moment a high school coach in Oregon disarmed a student with a shotgun and then held him in his arms.

Keanon Lowe, a football and track and field coach at Parkrose High School, can be seen walking through the hallways and entering a classroom on May 17.

When he next emerges, he is holding a shotgun and backing away from student Angel Granados-Diaz before another teacher comes up and takes the weapon away.

Then, in an extraordinary moment, Lowe embraces Granados-Diaz and the two hug for at least a minute

At one point, it appears that Granados-Diaz tries to break free, but Lowe continues to hold on to him.

Police eventually arrive and take Granados-Diaz into custody.

Lowe was hailed a hero following the incident at the Portland high school.

Just imagine for a moment how terribly all of that could have gone wrong. 

There could have been multiple fatalities including that teenage shooter, and the hall could have run red with children’s blood. 

But one man chose compassion over confrontation and diffused the whole thing. 

If the first responder had been a police officer or an armed teacher it is most likely that young man would be dead now. 

Look I am not saying that an approach like this will work 100% of the time, it won’t, but in this one instance it was better for all involved that the first response was not to draw a weapon and use bullets to deal with a clearly troubled young man.