Except for Israel of course. 

Courtesy of Business Insider

US allies on Friday warned against any further escalation of the conflict with Iran following President Donald Trump’s decision to authorize the assassination of Iranian Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani late Thursday.

The airstrike, which was reportedly launched without consulting US allies, led to warnings from several European nations, with only Israel speaking out strongly in favor of Trump’s decision.

The global reaction to the attack has revealed the US as increasingly isolated on the world stage.

In fact, even Trump’s buddies over at the Kremlin are calling him out for it.

Courtesy of The Daily Beast:

The Kremlin and its state-run media are none too happy with Donald Trump and his decision to order the killing of Iranian Major-General Qassem Soleimani, head of the elite Quds Force.

In an official statement, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs described the decision to liquidate Soleimani as a foolhardy “adventurist” step by the Trump administration, predicting that it will increase tensions in the entire region. “Soleimani was devoted to protecting Iran’s national interests. We express our sincere condolences to the Iranian people,” Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov went even further, stressing that Soleimani’s extrajudicial killing “grossly violates international law” and will result in serious consequences for regional peace and stability. Lavrov said that “the targeted actions of a UN member state to eliminate officials of another UN member state, moreover, on the territory of a third sovereign state without its knowledge, flagrantly violate the principles of international law and deserve condemnation.”

Ouch! That’s gotta sting!

By the way, while Trump apparently kept America’s allies and Congress in the dark about his plans in Iraq, there was one group of people that he was more than willing to leave hints for.

Patrons of Mar-a-Lago.

Also courtesy of The Daily Beast

In the five days prior to launching a strike that killed Iran’s most important military leader, Donald Trump roamed the halls of Mar-a-Lago, his private resort in Florida, and started dropping hints to close associates and club-goers that something huge was coming.

According to three people who’ve been at the president’s Palm Beach club over the past several days, Trump began telling friends and allies hanging at his perennial vacation getaway that he was working on a “big” response to the Iranian regime that they would be hearing or reading about very “soon.” His comments went beyond the New Year’s Eve tweet he sent out warning of the “big price” Iran would pay for damage to U.S. facilities. Two of these sources tell The Daily Beast that the president specifically mentioned he’d been in close contact with his top national security and military advisers on gaming out options for an aggressive action that could quickly materialize.

“He kept saying, ‘You’ll see,’” one of the sources recalled, describing a conversation with Trump days before Thursday’s strike.

That’s quite a sales pitch.

“If you want to know who the American military is going to take out next, well you will just have to buy a membership to Donald Trump’s exclusive golf resort.”

If I was a foreign spy I know where I would be golfing.