So, which candidate is that supposed to help them get elected?

Courtesy of Yahoo News:

A stridently pro-Trump Fox News host has seen his book reach the top of the bestsellers list, after the Republican Party spent nearly $1 million buying up copies.

Sean Hannity, the highest-paid star on Fox with a contract worth $25 million (£19m) a year, published his fourth book, Live Free or Die, in August.

Forbes reported at the time that the 58-year-old was given a multimillion dollar advance for the book, which publishers Simon & Schuster describe as “a look at America’s fight against those who would reverse our tradition of freedom.”

On Friday Salon reported that the Republican National Committee spent $492,000 on books in one day — likely all of it, they said, on Hannity’s latest.

The 16 September purchase was published under Federal Election Commission filings as “donor mementos”.

Salon confirmed that at least $159,000 of that amount went for bulk retail purchases of Hannity’s book, offered to Republican donors who contributed $75 or more.

Salon said that they believed the entire $492,000 was used to buy Hannity’s work.

Combined with the receipts from August, the sum means that it is possible that the RNC has spent more than $900,000 on Hannity’s book over the last three months, Salon reported.

“The RNC appears to be personally enriching Hannity while he dedicates airtime to promoting Trump,” said Brett Kappel, campaign finance and government ethics expert at the law firm Harmon Curran.

The article goes on to point out that the RNC also bought books in bulk to help Donald Trump Jr. break into the best seller category. 

But this has been going on for years now. 

Remember that they also bought Sarah Palin’s books in bulk, until she proved to no longer be worth their time and efforts.  

Anytime that you see a conservative author in the top ten list, you should also stop to realize that it was attained artificially. 

These people are idiots, and even with ghostwriters, they are not worth a dime of anybody’s money.