Really trying to feel bad about this.

It’s not working.

Courtesy of HuffPo:

An influential climate-denial think tank bankrolled by President Donald Trump’s far-right billionaire donors has laid off nearly a dozen staffers amid financial troubles, according to three former employees.

The Illinois-based Heartland Institute ― which captured headlines last month for promoting a German teenager with ties to neo-Nazis as the climate denier’s alternative to acclaimed youth activist Greta Thunberg ― pink-slipped at least 10 staffers Friday, shedding what one former employee described as “more than half” the organization’s staff.

“Heartland is broke,” Nikki Comerford, the nonprofit’s events coordinator on staff for nearly 21 years, told a former colleague in a text message, a screenshot of which HuffPost reviewed.

Comerford blamed Frank Lasée, the former Wisconsin Republican state lawmaker who took over as Heartland’s president last July, for squandering the organization’s budget during his nascent tenure and leaving the group in dire financial straits. Another former employee accused Lasée of mismanaging the budget, and private Facebook posts from other current staffers expressed dismay over the state of the organization, but HuffPost could not independently verify the state of Heartland’s finances because the nonprofit’s tax filings for 2019 are not yet due.

“Frank Lasee spent all of our money in six months including the savings,” she wrote in a text. “They had to lay off more than half the staff today and more coming. What an asshole.”

Well now who is going to help the climate change denying Eva Braun get to her conservative stupidity rallies?

Oh I am sure that there is some fossil fuel billionaire out there who will be willing to throw money their way to help teach that upstart Greta Thunberg a lesson. 

By the way where is that troll who keeps suggesting that Thunberg is a tool of the Lefties who is being manipulated and does not even understand what she is doing? 

Because of he is looking for an example of a manipulated teenager who does not know what the fuck is going on let me direct their attention to that picture up top.