Yeah, that sounds about right. 

Courtesy of  The Guardian

A pro-Trump Republican candidate for Congress who is aiming to unseat Ilhan Omar in Minnesota has been charged with a felony after allegedly stealing from stores.

Danielle Stella was arrested twice this year in Minneapolis suburbs over allegations that she shoplifted items worth more than $2,300 from a Target and goods valued at $40 from a grocery store. She said she denied the allegations.

Stella, a 31-year-old special education teacher, was reported this week to be a supporter of the baseless “QAnon” conspiracy theory about Donald Trump battling a global cabal of elite liberal paedophiles.

This week Stella also described Minneapolis as “the crime capital of our country”. She has in the past complained that local police were “overworked and overburdened” and said that, if elected, she would work to reduce crime.

In a series of text messages, Stella said: “I am not guilty of these crimes. In this country I am innocent until proven guilty and that is the law.”

She added: “If I was guilty of crimes, I would never run for public office, putting myself in the public eye under a microscope to be attacked by all political sides.”

An attorney for Stella, Joshua London, declined to comment.

Stella was apprehended by the security staff at the store with the stolen items in her possession.

Her defense is, and get this, that she has PTSD and suffers from social anxiety. 

Stella was also charged with theft under her former surname, so this is not an isolated incident. 

But hey, so she’s a conspiracy theory believing criminal, who suffers from a possible mental illness.

She still meets the minimal requirements to be a GOP candiate. 

She’s white!