It seems that Trump is still holding a grudge.

Courtesy of NYT:

While the two officials offered reassurances that relations were strong, Mr. Pompeo did not give Mr. Zelensky one thing he has sought since last May: an invitation to meet President Trump at the White House, which would be an important signal to Russia of American support for Ukraine. Mr. Pompeo’s message that Mr. Trump was not ready to receive Mr. Zelensky at the White House was a blow to the Ukrainian president’s national security efforts.

Evidence that Mr. Trump had earlier demanded, in return for such a visit, that Ukraine announce the start of an investigation that could benefit him politically, became an important part of the impeachment inquiry. In response to a question on Friday, Mr. Pompeo said a White House visit by Mr. Zelensky was not dependent on the kind of investigation Mr. Trump had sought.

Ukrainian officials are angry that the Americans have granted Russia’s foreign minister, Sergey V. Lavrov, two visits with Mr. Trump in the White House, most recently in December.

In renewing his request for a meeting Friday, Mr. Zelensky said, “If there is anything we can negotiate and discuss, and if I can bring something back home, I am ready to go straight away.”

Well despite what Pompeo claims I think we all know why Zelensky is not getting this invitation. 

Trump asked for something specific, Zelensky said he would go to CNN and deliver it, and then because the military aid came through it never happened. 

Trump had no choice but to release that aid, but there is nothing forcing him to invite Zelensky to the White House.

Clearly Trump is still waiting for something that he can use to damage Joe Biden and innoculate himself from further political damage, and if Zelensky cannot provide that then he just gets to stand back and watch Russian after Russian visit Trump in the White House while he is left on the sidelines.

At this point I think that Zelensky has nothing to lose and should go to the press and admit that Trump pressured him to dig up dirt on Biden, and just let the chilps fall where they may. 

I mean he already received the aid and clearly he is never getting this White House invitation so what does he have to lose?