Apparently protests do work. 

Courtesy of NBC News

Three more former Minneapolis police officers were charged on Wednesday in the deadly arrest of George Floyd, five days after charges were brought against a fourth officer who was seen in a video kneeling on Floyd’s neck.

Former officers Tou Thao, Thomas Lane and J. Alexander Kueng are facing charges of aiding and abetting murder, according to criminal complaints filed by the state of Minnesota on Wednesday. The murder charge against another former officer, Derek Chauvin, was also elevated to second-degree murder.

Chauvin, the officer who place knee on Floyd’s neck for about eight minutes while detaining him on May 25, was initially charged Friday with third-degree murder and manslaughter by the Hennepin County prosecutor.

All four officers were terminated from their positions with the department on May 26, after a video showing the detainment went viral.

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, who has been appointed to lead the prosecution in the case, said in an MSNBC interview Monday that he intended to charge the officers with the ”highest degree of accountability that the law and the facts will support.”

This might signal the beginning of the end of the protests. 

But I can tell you one thing if Minnesota fails to convict these offices in court these protests will start back off with an intensity that will make the last week seem like a cakewalk.