So here is how this whole thing started apparently.

Courtesy of WaPo

In a town hall event filmed inside New York’s Sing Sing prison that aired Sunday night, “NBC Nightly News” anchor Lester Holt dissected the costs of America’s high rates of incarceration. Joined by singer John Legend, Holt asked prisoners about the toll on their families and their ideas for changing the system.

One topic, though, did not come up: the bipartisan criminal justice reform bill signed by President Trump in December. And the White House’s chief media critic noticed.

Trump responded with a series of batshit crazy tweets. 

What the shit?

Now it should be pointed out that neither John Legend or Lester Holt said anything negative about Trump durint the town hall, and that Legend’s wife Christie Teigen was not even there. 

As it turns out Holt did mention Trump in an earlier segment about American prisons:

In fact, in “Justice for All,” Holt’s special that re-aired just before the town hall on MSNBC, the anchor showed footage of Trump signing the First Step Act, and he reported that it would reduce sentences for many in federal detention. Holt added, however, that the bill “wouldn’t affect more than 90 percent of the U.S. prison population, which is locked up in state and local facilities.”

Trump has repeatedly complained about not getting credit for the First Step Act, a rare bipartisan accomplishment for his administration. In August, he fumed, “I did criminal justice reform, which President Obama could not get approved, which the media never talks about” — a claim The Washington Post’s Fact Checker ruled as doubly false, noting that The Post and other major newspapers ran front-page stories about the First Step Act and that Obama had earlier reduced other drug sentences in federal prisons.

Trump’s thin skin got the better of him however and he felt the need to go on the attack. 

Unfortunately for him he chose the worst possible targets. 

But that ain’t shit compared to Legend’s wife, a notorious troll slayer on the internet.

Then they tag teamed Trump.

“Pussy ass bitch.” I like it. 

So last night instead of working on that deal with the Taliban that blew up in his face, or trying to solve the humanitarian crisis in the Bahamas, Donald Trump was watching TV and getting all worked up because the people on MSNBC were not kissing his flabby orange ass. 

Reason number 1,103 for why we need to impeach his ass just as soon as humanly possible.