Betsy DeVos could not have been more wrong about children’s ability to get this virus. 

Courtesy of ABC News:

As schools across the country start to reopen, recent data shows that COVID-19 infection is on the rise in children.

The American Academy of Pediatrics, in collaboration with the Children’s Hospital Association, each week surveys all publicly available data from U.S. states on child COVID-19 cases.

According to its most-recent report, as of July 30, there were 338,982 total child COVID-19 cases reported since the onset of the pandemic. That represents 8.8% of all COVID-19 cases.

In 25 states, 10% or more of reported cases were in children, the report found. The highest percentages were in Wyoming, Tennessee and New Mexico, with over 15%. New Jersey and New York City, meanwhile, had the lowest, with 3% or less.

The overall rate was 447 cases per 100,000 children in the population, the report found. Seventeen states and the District of Columbia reported more than 500 cases per 100,000 children, according to the report. Arizona had the highest rate, surpassing 1,000, while Hawaii had the lowest, under 100.

Overall, COVID-19 cases are on the rise in children: From July 16 to July 30, there was a 40% increase in child cases, the report found. The total number of cases, percentage of total cases and rate of cases in children are also the highest they’ve been since the AAP and CHA’s first report, which examined COVID-19 data as of April 16.

I’m sorry but nothing about these numbers screams “Let’s reopen the schools!” to me. 

The article goes on to explain that it is still somewhat “uncommon” for children to be hospitalized or to die from the virus, but that does not mean it is not happening, because it is. 

What’s more, there are plenty of long term effects from Covid-19 that we are still years away from fully understanding.

The main takeaway from this data is that the number of children testing positive from this virus continues to rise and that once they are shoved back into poorly ventilated classrooms these numbers are going to go through the roof.