So you had to know that the internet was not going to let this go by without mocking the crap out of it, and I have to say they were very thorough. 

First thing to fix is that question about his height. 

Easy peasy now he’s taller.

How about those hands. 

Kind of like “Harold and the Purple Crayon,” don’t you think?

Now let’s solve that problem with the border wall.

No Mexicans are going to get past that. 

Going to put that controversy about crowd size to bed for good. 

Reality is just what you make it after all. 

Perhaps the Sharpie can also deal with that pesky Jeffrey Epstein problem.

Problem what problem?

The mighty Sharpie can also repair Trump’s legacy. 

Oh yeah, even an expert could not spot the alteration. 

Okay that was fun, but let’s not forget that this idiot altered an official NOAA map that is supposed to warn actual Americans about an impending crisis, and did it simply to salvage his ego.

There really is nothing humorous about that.