Courtesy of Phoenix New Times:

Arizona Superintendent Diane Douglas tapped a young-earth creationist to serve last month on a committee tasked with revising the state’s science curriculum standards on evolution.

Joseph Kezele, the president of the Arizona Origin Science Association, is a staunch believer in the idea that enough scientific evidence exists to back up the biblical story of creation. Douglas appointed him to an eight-member special working group at the Arizona Department of Education that completed a final review of the draft evolution teaching standards on August 30.

Kezele teaches biology at Arizona Christian University in Phoenix. He advocates teaching his version of “established, real science” in classrooms.

Evolution, he said, is a false explanation for life and should be taught so that students “can defend against it, if they want to.”

“I’m not saying to put the Bible into the classroom, although the real science will confirm the Bible,” Kezele told Phoenix New Times in an interview on Wednesday. “Students can draw their own conclusions when they see what the real science actually shows.”

He argued that scientific evidence supports his creationist ideas, including the claims that the Earth is only 6,000 years old and that dinosaurs were on board Noah’s Ark.

I think that if the students are exposed to actual scientific evidence they will laugh this bozo right out of the classroom. 

The problem is that when you are young and an authority figure feeds you bullshit, especially bullshit backed up with official-looking textbooks, they tend to believe the bullshit. 

This is why America is falling so far behind the rest of the world when it comes to science and our ability to use our critical thinking skills. 

Stupid children become stupid adults, and stupid adults elect stupid people to run their country. 

And that boys and girls is how we got to where we are today.