That is the “involuntarily celibate” for you laypeople. 

Courtesy of The Daily Beast

The FBI’s top terrorism cops took down a different kind of alleged terrorist in a complaint filed earlier this month: an incel.

In a complaint filed in federal court in White Plains, New York, an FBI agent with the Bureau’s Joint Terrorism Task Force detailed a year-long campaign of harassment, rape, and death threats levied at a Long Island couple by David Kaufman, a self-described member of the “incel” movement and supporter of one of its most notorious murderers, Elliot Rodger.

Prosecutors alleged that Kaufman terrorized a couple he knew from college and their friends in a series of messages on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube in retaliation for “for rejecting and depriving him of sex to which he believed he was entitled,” according to the complaint. He’s charged with making threatening interstate communications and stalking.

Members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force, comprised of federal, state, and local law enforcement officials coordinating together on extremism investigations, typically work cases associated with Islamist extremist groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda or right-wing extremists, like neo-Nazis.

The involuntarily celibate or “incels,” as they call themselves, are a rarer threat that has surfaced over the past few years. Incels, the FBI notes in court documents, have “committed acts of violence against women across the world” and in the United States. Incels have their own subculture largely online, with specific language used to signify their anti-women beliefs.

In his alleged threats, Kaufman adopted the language of the incel movement, derisively referring to his victims’ high school classmates as “normies” and to one of his alleged victims as a “Chad,” which the complaint describes as “an Incel term that refers to an archetypal white alpha man.” He also allegedly adopted the movement’s misogynist goals, telling one victim that “it should be illegal for a woman to say no” to sex.

What? It should be illegal for women to say no to men?

Clearly this guy has never been married. Saying no to men is one of their favorite pastimes.

Apparently this guy harassed this woman and her friends using a number of fake social media accounts and had convinced himself that the woman was being abused by her boyfriend and that she only tolerated it because she was “helplessly sexually attracted to his Chad face.”

This guy is such a pathetic loser that he makes pathetic losers look bad. 

First off, almost every single guy who is not currently in a sexual relationship is involuntarily celibate. 

Men will have sex with just about anything if given the chance. 

However, that is no justification for making threats against or shaming somebody for not sleeping with you. 

And the fact that there are now so many men doing this that the FBI has taken notice and started to track them is incredibly fucked up. 

And America is not alone, Canada added incels to their terrorism list back in June. (Link)

I swear this world is getting crazier all of the time.