Trump signing bibles for victims was not the only scandal that surfaced in Alabama.

There was also the return of the #FakeMelania conspiracy theory. 

Courtesy of Esquire Magazine:

The Fake Melania theory is pretty simple: Every now and then, presumably when the real First Lady is too over Donald’s garbage to even go through the motions, she’s replaced by a body double who stands silently at the president’s side at whatever events are on his calendar. (Both the White House and the Secret Service have denied that the First Lady uses a stand-in.)
The theory got its start in 2017 when Joe Vargas, the owner of a CBD retailer called Buy Legal Meds, called attention to footage in which the First Lady didn’t look exactly like her usual self.

Some social media users seem to evince a joking belief in the Fake Melania theory, but others appear authentically convinced. Like all conspiracy theories, it bubbles up periodically, especially when the First Lady is spotted sporting a pair of large sunglasses. It resurfaced Friday, when the Trumps visited a memorial for the 23 victims of Alabama’s tornadoes. In a picture taken in front of the memorial, Melania once again did not look like her familiar self. Her nose and mouth appeared a bit different, and she looked shorter than usual.

Fueling the theory is the general air of mystery Melania Trump cultivates. She speaks to the press only rarely, and once disappeared from public for 24 days in an absence vaguely attributed to a kidney condition. Internet sleuths have even pinpointed a candidate for her double’s real identity—one of the First Lady’s Secret Service agents, a woman who bears a striking resemblance to her charge.

So look I have already paid my dues with fake pregnancies, fake babies, and fake marriages.

I am not at all prepared to dive into this particular conspiracy theory.

However, I will say this, IF Trump is walking around with a fake Melania by his side during a disaster relief visit, that still would not be the craziest thing we know about this presidency. 

Not by a long shot.