Well, it appears that somebody is about to get a bump up in the polls.

Courtesy of Business Insider

Three candidates withdrew from the 2020 Democratic presidential primary in just one week: Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington, whose platform focused on tackling climate change, Rep. Seth Moulton of Massachusetts, who dialed in on his military service, and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, whose candidacy emphasized women’s rights.

That these three candidates would exit within several days of each other is somewhat remarkable because of a single commonality they share: Based on Insider’s polling, the supporters of all three recent 2020 drop-outs really like Elizabeth Warren.

Since December 2018, Insider has been running a series of national polls asking respondents which candidates they would be satisfied with securing the Democratic nomination. Looking at the 10 polls conducted over the course of the summer, people who would have been satisfied with nominee Kirsten Gillibrand were mostly also satisfied with her Massachusetts Senate colleague as nominee as well. The same goes for fellow Bay Stater Moulton and the plan-centric Inslee:

  • Moulton’s sparse support liked Warren 22 percentage points higher than the typical respondent.
  • Gillibrand’s backers like Warren 24 percentage points more than typical.
  • Inslee’s supporters like Warren 27 percentage points more than the typical Democrat does.

While I feel I should question the thinking of somebody who would choose Moulton or Inslee as their primary candidate, at least it appears that most of them (I’m guessing about half a dozen?) are at least intelligent enough to recognize that Warren is the best second choice. 

But I would argue that she makes a much better first choice. 

And once Joe Biden finally drops out she will take her rightful place as the Democratic Donald Trump slayer. 

(And before I get any poorly spelled hate mail that was metaphorically speaking of course.)