This is much worse than what Scott Pruitt was costing taxpayers. 

Courtesy of NBC News

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos began receiving around-the-clock security from the U.S. Marshals Service days after being confirmed, an armed detail provided to no other cabinet member that could cost U.S. taxpayers $19.8 million through September of 2019, according to new figures provided by the Marshals Service to NBC News.

While it remains unclear who specifically made the request, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions granted the protection on February 13, 2017, a few days after DeVos was heckled and blocked by a handful of protesters from entering the Jefferson Academy, a public middle school in Washington. DeVos was confirmed as education secretary on February 7 of that year.

“The order was issued after the Department of Education contacted administration officials regarding threats received by the Secretary of Education,” the Justice Department said in a statement. “The U.S.M.S. was identified to assist in this area based on its expertise and long experience providing executive protection.”

The cost of security provided to DeVos was $5.3 million in fiscal year 2017 and $6.8 million for fiscal year 2018, according to the Marshals Service — an amount that is ultimately reimbursed by the Education Department. The estimated cost for fiscal year 2019 is $7.74 million.

That far exceeds the $3.5 million spent on security for former EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, who resigned in July amid questions about lavish spending habits during his 17-month tenure at the agency. An EPA inspector general report, released Sept. 4, found the price tag for Pruitt’s security detail was “not justified” and far exceeded the security costs incurred under past EPA heads.

I would like to point out that the incident which freaked Devos out so much that she demanded this extra security was a peaceful protest outside of a school she was visiting, where she was heckled and some difficulty getting past the protesters to her waiting armored vehicle.

DeVos was NOT harmed nor threatened with harm during that incident and there is no evidence provided of any additional threats. 

It seems fairly clear that DeVos is another Right Wing snowflake who simply cannot deal with people calling her out over her obnoxious policy decisions, and is charging the taxpayers a ridiculous amount of money to keep her safe from the imaginary threats that her paranoid brain sees all around her.