First, they fought to keep black people as slaves, now they will fight to enslave women.

Courtesy of The Guardian

Republican lawmakers such as Ohio’s Candice Keller have openly speculated that the divide over abortion rights might lead to civil war. Last month, Keller drew explicit comparisons with the antebellum situation over slavery, telling the Guardian: “Whether this ever leads to a tragedy, like it did before with our civil war, I can’t say.”

Earlier this month, the Guardian revealed that the Washington state republican legislator Matt Shea had also speculated about civil war, and the “Balkanization” of America, predicting that Christians would retreat to “zones of freedom” such as the inland Pacific north-west, where Shea is campaigning for a new state to break away from Washington.

Asked on a podcast if the two halves of the country could remain together, Shea said: “I don’t think we can, again, because you have half that want to follow the Lord and righteousness and half that don’t, and I don’t know how that can stand.”

Shea has introduced a bill – unlikely to pass – which would criminalize abortion in the state.

Along with legislators, the notion of a civil war over abortion has been finding traction in the media organs of the Christian right.

In the past year, Charisma magazine, the leading media voice of Pentecostal and charismatic Christians, has run at least half a dozen articles contemplating the possibility of an imminent civil war in America. One recent article profiles pastor, broadcaster and author Michael L Brown, who blames a “coming civil war” on “militant abortionists”.

Brown told Charisma: “A civil war is coming to America, only this time, it will be abortion, rather than slavery, that divides the nation”.

“Militant abortionists?” These are doctors providing a legal medical procedure in licensed facilities.

But if these anti-women fascists get their way then we will indeed have militant abortionists because these procedures will be performed in back alleys by veterinarians,  coroners, and butchers looking to make some way money from desperate women.

Going to war with each other over an ignorant misunderstanding about biology is one of the stupidest reasons I have ever heard.

Once again for the record, a six-week fetal heartbeat is NOT a thing.

The clump of reproducing cells is not even called a fetus until ten weeks.

An embryo at six weeks “has no other functioning organs, no ability to live on its own, and it’s actually so small that when we review pathology from an abortion or a miscarriage at six weeks gestation, there’s not an identifiable fetus to review, It’s just a gestational sac and some cells, so it’s very small and definitely not able to live outside of the womb.” (Source.)

That is what these idiots are willing to kill and die for. 

We could solve this whole fucking problem if we had federally mandated sex ed classes in high school and started taxing churches to pay for them.