Good for them, fuck that guy!

Courtesy of CNN:

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will not revise its guidelines for reopening schools despite calls from President Donald Trump and the White House to do so, agency Director Dr. Robert Redfield said Thursday.

Instead, additional reference documents will be provided, Redfield told ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

As anxious parents and educators across the country hand wring over how to safely bring children back to the classroom, the discord between Trump and his top health advisers over appropriate precautions has added another layer of uncertainty.

The President, against the advice of some of the nation’s top health officials, has repeatedly called for schools to reopen as coronavirus cases surge across the country.

The CDC guidelines for schools to reopen contain steps to keep children safe, including keeping desks to be placed six feet apart and for children to use cloth face coverings. The CDC suggests the closing of communal areas like dining rooms and playgrounds and the installation of physical barriers like sneeze guards where necessary.

In a coronavirus task force briefing later Wednesday afternoon, Redfield appeared to backpedal on the existing guidelines and said they should not be used as an excuse for not returning children to classrooms, which encourage hygiene, the use of cloth face coverings and staying home when appropriate.

“Remember, it’s guidance, it’s not requirements, and its purpose is to facilitate the reopening and keeping open the schools in this country,” Redfield had said.

Good for the CDC in rejecting Trump’s attempt to undermine their guidance.

Of course, all of this is still up to the individual states. 

They can take the CDC guidance seriously and protect their students, or they can follow Trump’s advice and use part of their education budget to purchase body bags in bulk. 

It’s their choice.