Do it!

Courtesy of USA Today:

The Centers for Disease Control endorsed Monday what has already become a required practice around the country, recommending that anyone traveling on airlines, trains, subways, buses or other public transport wear a mask.

If passengers don’t comply, those who won’t put on masks should be ordered to get off when possible, the CDC says in its interim guidance on the issue. Airlines or other transportation providers should, “at the earliest opportunity, disembark any person who refuses to comply.”

The CDC’s “strong recommendation” could be a boost to airlines, ride-hailing drivers and others that have seen resistance by some passengers to rules requiring they wear masks while traveling in close proximity to strangers to ward off the spread of the coronavirus.

The only exceptions for not wearing a mask should be for those travelers who take them off while eating, drinking or taking medication; those who become incapacitated for any reason or can’t remove their masks by themselves; or when needed to show their identity, such as when traveling through a Transportation Security Administration checkpoint at an airport.

I have to admit that it has become one of my secret selfish pleasures to watch Karens and Kyles escorted off of planes or out of stores while ranting about how being forced to wear a mask is infringing on their rights as US citizens. 

I imagine them banging their steering wheels and cussing a blue streak as they drive themselves home all worked up and indignant that they were forced to be considerate of others.