Wait, what?

Courtesy of Business Insider:

The Roman Catholic Church in the US received as as much as $3.5 billion in federal coronavirus loans, according to an analysis of government data by The Associated Press (AP).

On Monday, the US Small Business Administration made public the companies and bodies it had awarded loans under the $659 billion Paycheck Protection Program.

3,500 loans were granted to Catholic entities at various levels — including individual parishes and dioceses, as well as schools, the AP said. The total came to between $1.4 billion and $3.5 billion.

Its analysis suggested the true figure could be higher still thanks to other loans which were not registered in the latest data.

Call me old fashioned but in my mind, if you are already worth billions of dollars and currently paying out millions of dollars in settlements because your employees like to fuck little boys, you do not deserve any relief money from the government. 

And besides that, the Catholic Church does not pay any goddamn taxes!

All religions are a scam, but you would be hard-pressed to find a scammier religion than the Catholic Church.