I guess some of those scoutmasters were failing to keep themselves “morally straight.” 

Courtesy of CNN:

The Boy Scouts of America has filed for bankruptcy, according to a court document filed in Delaware bankruptcy court early Tuesday.

The youth organization, which celebrated its 110th anniversary February 8, listed liabilities of between $100 million and $500 million, but $50,000 or less in assets.

The bankruptcy filing comes at a time when the organization faces hundreds of sexual abuse lawsuits, thousands of alleged abuse victims and dwindling membership numbers. As a result of the filing, all civil litigation against the organization is suspended.

Paul Mones, a Los Angeles-based attorney representing “hundreds of sexual abuse victims in individual lawsuits,” called the organization’s bankruptcy filing a “tragedy.”

“These young boys took an oath. They pledged to be obedient, pledged to support the Scouts and pledged to be honorable. Many of them are extremely angry that that’s not what happened to them and the Boy Scouts of America did not step up in the way they should have,” Mones said.

I have been steering kids away from the Boy Scouts for years now.

But my concern was that it was taken over by the Mormon church and I did not want to see them exposed to religious proselytizing instead of learning how to tie knots and recognize animal tracks. 

I knew there had been reporting of sexual abuse but I had not realized that it had reached Catholic Church level numbers.  

When I was forced to join the Boy Scouts my big complaint was that it was a militaristic organization that seemed to be grooming young boys into becoming cannon fodder for the still ongoing Vietnam war. 

And let’s face it even the Boy Scout motto reveals that it is a brainwashing cult. 

On my honor I will do my best To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; To help other people at all times; To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.

Yeah, that is all kinds of creepy.