What? You mean there is an unreasonable Republican in Montana?

Courtesy of WaPo:

A Montana lawmaker who falsely claimed last week that the Constitution allows socialists to be jailed or shot is doubling down on his comments, even as GOP leadership are calling for his resignation.

Rep. Rodney Garcia, a Republican from Billings, said at a party gathering in Helena on Friday that he was worried about a socialist invasion in the government. He later repeated his fears to a Billings Gazette reporter after the event, stating again, without evidence, that “in the Constitution of the United States, [if you] are found guilty of being a socialist member you either go to prison or are shot.”

The Constitution does not say that.

Garcia’s remarks were swiftly rebuked by the executive director of the Montana Republican Party over the weekend. On Monday, the Montana House leadership wrote the lawmaker a letter asking him to resign over his “inflammatory and deeply disturbing comments.”

“Your reckless and un-American remarks are beneath that of a public official and do not represent the values of the Republican Party, Montana House of Representatives or the people of our great state,” House Speaker Greg Hertz, Speaker Pro Tempore E. Wylie Galt and House Majority Leader Brad Tschida wrote in the letter. “Your actions have irreparably undermined the body in which you serve and irrevocably broken the trust of those you were elected to represent. We believe it is clear that you can no longer effectively discharge the duties of the office you hold; therefore, it is our request that you submit your resignation with immediate effect.”

Well, I’m sure that this individual has been properly chastised and now sees the error of his ways.

Or not.

Courtesy of the AP:

A Montana lawmaker on Monday rejected legislative leaders’ call for his resignation over his assertion that the U.S. Constitution allows socialists to be jailed or shot.

Republican Rep. Rodney Garcia of Billings, responding to the letter by the three leaders of his own political party, said the “only way I would give my resignation is if God asked me to.”

Garcia went on to say that he would no longer be showing up for his job in the House, because he would be too busy running for the state senate. 

So what did you think the fallout would be from Donald Trump surviving impeachment and staying in office?