Boy somebody has been huffing too much kerosene. 

Courtesy of ABC 13:

A man from Witchita Falls has been arrested for making death threats against Democrats over the coronavirus stimulus bill.

Police released 27-year-old Gavin Perry’s mugshot overnight. He was charged with criminal complaint with transmitting a threatening communication in interstate commerce.

He can be seen wearing a restraint smock in the photo.

According to the complaint, a concerned citizen notified the Wichita Falls Police Department that Perry allegedly posted threats on a Facebook account.

Investigators say he posted on Facebook, saying Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is running a “satanic cult.”

“Dems of the establishment will be removed at any cost necessary, and yes, that means by death,” he wrote in the post.

In another post, he allegedly encouraged people to shoot Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer “on sight.”

Perry told the officers who arrested him that he does not recognize the authority of the federal government.

I wonder if he recognizes the authority of the prison walls that now surround him?

I love it when these anti-government types find themselves under the control the government and come fact to face with harsh reality. 

And why do all of these wingnuts automatically assume that Democrats are involved in Satanic cults? 

I have been a Democrat for decades now and never once did I get invited to any cool Satanic rituals.