Courtesy of Yahoo News:

As the coronavirus continues to spread in the United States, forcing people to stay in their homes and causing an economic downturn, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick joined Tucker Carlson Tonight where he became a top-trending topic by suggesting we get back to our normal lives to save the economy even at great risk to the country’s senior citizens. Patrick, who turns 70 next week, believes it’s up to older Americans to take that risk.

“Tucker, no one reached out to me and said, ‘As a senior citizen, are you willing to take a chance on your survival in exchange for keeping the America that all America loves for your children and grandchildren?’ And if that’s the exchange, I’m all in,” Patrick said, later adding, “My message is, let’s get back to work. Let’s get back to living. Let’s be smart about it, and those of us who are 70-plus, we’ll take care of ourselves.”

And though the mortality rate for seniors is much higher than for others, Patrick believes the risk is worth it to stem the economic downturn caused by the pandemic.

“Our biggest gift we give to our country, and our children and our grandchildren, is the legacy of our country,” Patrick said. “And right now that is at risk, and I feel like, as the president said, the mortality rate is so low, do we have to shut down the whole country for this?”

“Do we have to shut down the whole country for this?” Yeah man, that is exactly what we need to do. 

You fucking simpleton!

I like the part where Patrick says “that doesn’t make me noble or brave, or anythng like that,” becuase that may be the only accurate thing he said in this entire interview. 

Look typically I would be all for older Trump supporters sacrificing their lives for the good of the country, but the problem is that the more of them that get infected the longer this whole thing lasts. 

The decision to utilize social distancing was to give the virus a chance to run its course with no new infections for a bit so that we can ALL get back to work in an environemnt where touching in un-disenfected handrail will not kill us, or our grandparents.