Because apparently that is a thing we need with this guy in the White House.

Courtesy of WaPo:

Last August, Axios reported that President Trump repeatedly asked top national security officials to consider using nuclear bombs to weaken or destroy hurricanes. Now, one congresswoman wants to make it illegal for Trump, or any president, to act on this idea, which experts say would be both ineffective and extremely dangerous.

On June 1, Rep. Sylvia Garcia (D-Tex.) introduced the Climate Change and Hurricane Correlation and Strategy Act, a bill that explicitly prohibits the president, along with any other federal agency or official, from employing a nuclear bomb or other “strategic weapon” with the goal of “altering weather patterns or addressing climate change.”

In a phone interview, Garcia told The Washington Post that the bill was drafted as a direct response to last year’s report that Trump has floated the idea of nuking hurricanes to his senior homeland security and national security advisers. Trump denied ever making such a suggestion in a tweet shortly after Axios published its report.

“When I heard our president suggest that we needed to launch a nuclear weapon to disrupt a hurricane, my first thought was that’s a really dumb idea,” Garcia said. “When we did the research, we found that others have thought of that idea before.”

The bill comes at the start of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season, which is off to a roaring start, with Tropical Storm Cristobal, the earliest-recorded third-named storm of any season, striking Louisiana on Sunday. The season is expected to bring above-average storm activity, with 14 to 19 named storms, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The article suggests that it is very unlikely this bill will ever make its way to Trump’s desk, which is bizarre because you would think it might be the kind of thing that would receive bipartisan support. 

I mean keeping Trumpp from blowing up the sky seems like a no-brainer to me. 

Perhaps they ought to keep pushing until this bill passes, and then follow it up with bills that keep Trump from telling people to drink bleach or prevent him from forcing his supporters to gather together in enclosed places, or that stops him from retweeting White Supremacists and Nazis. 

If you think about it Trump needs all kinds of legislation to keep from saying, doing, or promoting crazy shit.