Jesus, it’s like a reverse “Sophie’s Choice.”

Courtesy of NPR:

At a Border Patrol holding facility in El Paso, Texas, an agent told a Honduran family that one parent would be sent to Mexico while the other parent and their three children could stay in the United States, according to the family. The agent turned to the couple’s youngest daughter — 3-year-old Sofia, whom they call Sofi — and asked her to make a choice.

“The agent asked her who she wanted to go with, mom or dad,” her mother, Tania, told NPR through an interpreter. “And the girl, because she is more attached to me, she said mom. But when they started to take [my husband] away, the girl started to cry. The officer said, ‘You said [you want to go] with mom.’ “

Tania and her husband, Joseph, said they spent parts of two days last week trying to prevent the Border Patrol from separating their family. They were aided by a doctor who had examined Sofi and pleaded with agents not to separate the family, Joseph and Tania said.

I can only begin to imagine how traumatized this little girl will be for the rest of her life. 

A toddler being asked to make a choice like this is nothing short of child abuse. 

I don’t know about the rest of you but I am finding it increasingly difficult to think of differences between Trump’s border patrol and Hitler’s Nazis. 

That is not hyperbole, I am being serious.