This caught me by surprise.

Courtesy of Electrek:

Homer Electric Association (HEA), a member-owned electric utility cooperative based in Alaska, announced that it’s working with Tesla to deploy a big battery:

The BESS will be capable of storing 93 MWh (Megawatt hours) of electrical power that can be delivered to the grid at a rate of 46.5 MWs per hour. The BESS will allow HEA to meet its reliability requirements without having to burn additional fuel. This will result in greater system efficiencies, lower greenhouse gas production, and reduced power outages.

The BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) is going to be installed at the Soldotna Generation Plant.

HEA says that the battery is going to enable them to use more renewable energy and less power from plants burning fossil fuels:

The BESS also provides a great side benefit of opening the door to renewable intermittent energy projects that would have otherwise stretched current thermal generation assets.

The new project is expected to be in service in fall 2021.

Well this is some very welcome news.

I have been lamenting our delay in moving toward renewable energy sources for years, and now suddenly we are jumping in with both feet. 

As I am sure all of you know Alaska is overly dependant on oil revenue so we have not exactly been at the front of the line for the move away from fossil fuel consumption. 

However I have argued that with all of our open space and miles and miles of coastline that we are perfectly suited for giant windmill farms and hydropower facilities. 

So this battery is in Homer, which is one of our more progressive communities, will hopefully portend even more changes that will eventually wean us off of dirty fossil fuels and into a cleaner brighter future. 

Update: Correction this battery is being built in Soldotna. Sorry for the confusion.