Fuck this party.

Courtesy of SF Gate

After two weeks of extraordinary open hearings that Democrats envisioned as their best opportunity to shape public opinion on impeachment, President Donald Trump claims to be impervious to the cascade of damaging revelations because of hardening Republican opposition to his removal from office.

So far, the historic proceedings have exacerbated the political divide. Some moderate Republican lawmakers once seen as the most likely to break with Trump condemned his conduct but signaled in recent days that they would probably vote against his impeachment because they do not believe the president’s actions meet that threshold.

This phase of the inquiry was particularly damning for Trump, simply because of the fact pattern that emerged. A series of government witnesses, testifying under oath and at risk of perjury, implicated the president in a scheme to pressure Ukraine to influence the 2020 election.

But impeachment is not a criminal or legal proceeding; it is a political one. And as the inquiry hurtles toward a likely House vote on impeachment next month and a possible Senate trial, Republicans on Capitol Hill are solidly behind the president, even if they offer scattershot and at times contradictory defenses of his alleged wrongdoing.

Trump said Friday that he was looking forward to an impeachment trial and expressed confidence he would prevail. “There has never been so much unity and spirit in the Republican Party, as there is right now!” the president tweeted.

Anecdotal evidence backs up his declaration.

“Party before country” should be he new GOP slogan. 

So currently it appears that Trump will be impeached by Congress, and then remain in office as the Senate circles the wagons to protect him. 

Fine, I hope that 2020 sees them lose so disastrously that they not only lose the Senate and lose power in states all over the country, but ultimately lose the confidence of the American people so throughly that they are forced to splinter into smaller conservative political parties. 

Seeing the Republican party dismantled would be the greatest event of my lifetime. 

I could then die happy.