So I already gave you my two cents about Bristol’s allegations that Levi did not want to have Tripp spend the night for the first three years of his life. 

This is what I wrote:

From the very beginning, everything that Levi did was to try and get custody of his son.

The ONLY reason that Tripp did not spend the night with his father until he was four is that Bristol would not allow it. Period.

So for Bristol to now act the innocent and claim that “things with Levi have not always been decent,” is vomit inducing.

Levi is not a perfect person, but literally, everything that he did including the Playgirl shoot, the TV appearances, the book deal, and even eventually coming to me for help was all about keeping his son in his life.

That was his sole focus. And it is also why he likely agreed to be part of this stupid reality show.

That is what I said then and I stick by it. 

Apparently Sunny also saw what Bristol said and she was not about to let it go either.

Courtesy of In Touch Weekly:

“I asked Levi, he said that right after Tripp was born [he had him overnights] for a while. And then he wasn’t allowed to have him overnight. Then when they were engaged when Tripp was one-and-a-half [he] had a few weeks of overnights,” Sunny wrote on her Instagram story. “As long as I’ve been in the picture: Levi was never allowed to have Tripp overnight until the court ordered it when he was around three despite trying to be there for all the years prior.”

Sunny was also asked if she gets along with Bristol since she’s Tripp’s step-mother, and Sunny did not hold back. “Okay I’ve gotten this a lot so I’m going to answer. Honestly, I never know what to expect so that’s hard to answer. I just pray for Levi and her to always keep striving to have a better co-parenting relationship for Tripp,” Sunny wrote.

She also explained that she never really has any one-on-one time to talk with Bristol, so they never had a chance to form a relationship. “It’s never her and I unless I’m alone with Tripp,” Sunny wrote. “Always Levi and her, and every once in a while through a group text about Tripp.”

I totally understand why Sunny feels the need to come to Levi’s defense. 

Simply put, Levi simply will not defend himself ever. 

He hates this shit and believes that if he just stays quiet that it will all blow over. 

I remember dozens of times when I would tell him that he was getting trashed on the internet and that it was damaging his reputation possibly for years to come, and he just refused to issue a statement or engage publicly. 

I can assure you that when you have read a public statement from Levi Johnston that there was somebody behind the scenes twisting his arm, whether it be Tank Jones, his sister, his wife, or sometimes even me. 

It is this hesitancy to engage that has convinced Bristol that she can lie and smear him to her heart’s content and he will simply take it without a whimper. 

I would suggest that Dakota Meyer has learned from Levi’s example that it is a loser’s strategy, which is why he responds to virtually everything the minute he hears about it.