Courtesy of The Hill:

The Lincoln Project’s Steve Schmidt predicted that Fox News personality Tucker Carlson could be the next GOP presidential nominee.

“I think that Tucker Carlson is the front-runner for the Republican nomination in 2024,” the political analyst told MSNBC while discussing the current presidential election and its aftermath.

He went on to state that future Republican candidates will “kowtow to the conspiracy that Trump was stabbed in the back” during the 2020 election and will claim it as illegitimate.

Carlson’s name has been previously floated as a potential Oval Office contender by viewers and political types alike.

Sixteen major Republican figures said Carlson is building enough buzz that he would likely be a force in the 2024 presidential race if he decided to run, Politico reported.

Well, so much for the idea that the GOP has learned its lesson and is ready to put up a qualified serious candidate in 2024. 

Don’t forget that Carlson recently won a lawsuit after his lawyer convinced a jury that nobody should ever believe a thing he says therefore he cannot be held accountable for any lies, accusations, or misinformation. 

See? This is another reason that I will never understand how the conservative mind works. 

I look at Tucker Carlson and I just want to punch him in the face, they look at him and think ‘Wouldn’t he make a great president?”