Good job Stevo!

Courtesy of Law and Crime

The day after Steve Bannon mused about beheading FBI Director Christopher Wray and Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Trump loyalist’s powerhouse lawyers asked a federal judge on Friday to postpone a hearing scheduled for Monday because they intend to withdraw from his criminal case.

“Mr. Bannon is in the process of retaining new counsel, and Quinn Emanuel intends to move to withdraw. As a result, Mr. Bannon respectfully requests that the status conference in this matter be adjourned for three weeks so that he may formally retain new counsel,” Bannon’s current counsel William Burck wrote in a two-paragraph letter.

The Southern District of New York declined to comment on whether prosecutors will seek to revoke Bannon’s bail, but multiple alumni from that office found an upcoming motion likely.

“What I expect to see is that the prosecutors will move to revoke his bail,” Jaimie Nawaday, a former federal prosecutor from the district where Bannon is being prosecuted, told Law&Crime in a phone interview on Friday. “I don’t think they’ll be successful in having his bail revoked, but I would absolutely expect them to move for it.”

Attorney Elie Honig, another Southern District of New York (SDNY) alum and CNN legal analyst, concurred with that analysis.

“As a prosecutor, I’d certainly go right into court and seek to have him remanded — arguably he committed a crime by inciting violence,” Honig told Law&Crime in a direct message. “But he will counter that he wasn’t speaking literally and that it was a form (an outrageous form, of course) of political speech. So a prosecutor certainly should seek remand but I’m not entirely sure a judge would grant it.”

Yeah, I would say that Bannon has really allowed his mouth to fuck him over hard this time around. 

Cannot say that bothers me in the least.