Courtesy of Too Fab:

Sarah Palin claims she found out her husband was divorcing her via email — and that “makes sense,” according to Barbara Corcoran.

The “Shark Tank” star said while the approach was “a little cold”, it was probably the only way to get through to her.

“They probably sent the email because they knew she wouldn’t listen,” the 70-year-old said in New York on Wednesday. “She’s not a big listener.”

“She’s not known as a listener. She likes to talk without listening, so I think that’s probably an appropriate way to tell her she’s divorced,” she added. “A little cold, but it makes sense.”

The former Alaska Governor insisted the marriage is not “over-over”, and that the pair are going through counseling. But according to Corcoran, she’s in denial.

“Oh forget it! When the marriage is over, it’s over. He’s probably already with a new girlfriend,” she said.

 I have never watched Shark Tank and literally know nothing about this Barbara Corcoran person, but I thought I would share this because I think she demonstrates a real understanding of the Palin’s relationship. 

I have heard multiple times, and for many years, that Sarah and Todd do not communicate in person or through phone calls, but rather through emails or even intermediaries. 

It makes perfect sense that Todd would email this notification because if he tried to discuss it in person he would have to spend the entire conversation dodging canned goods. 

You know, assuming that they were briefly in the same state that is. 

As for Todd already having a girlfriend, I think this is undoubtedly correct.