St. Louis man paints house in rainbow colors. Neighbor attacks home while screaming homophobic slurs and threatening to slit his throat.

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Well, he seems nice.

Courtesy of KSDK:

A man has been charged with a hate crime and threatening to kill LGBTQ residents in Soulard.

On May 24, police received several 911 calls about property damage in the 1300 block of Sidney Street.

While investigating what happened, police obtained surveillance video that showed a man committing the crimes. That man was later identified as Charles Patton, according to St. Louis police.

Investigators said the video showed Patton punching in porch spindles of a home, kicking in two doors and going inside. Once inside, he damaged the frame of an interior door, police said.

The whole time, he was screaming homophobic slurs at the people who lived inside. His screams also included threats of violence, including—repeatedly—“I am going to slit your throat,” police said.

A man and woman who rent the home are gay.

The homeowner painted part of the house in rainbow colors in honor of his daughter—who rents part of the home—and the man who live there, to make them feel welcome and comfortable, police said.

Patton caused $750 in damage, St. Louis police reported.

Man, they say that most homophobia is the result of a person outwardly expressing their own fears that they might be gay. 

If that is true this guy must have a whole San Fransisco gay pride parade pushing to reach the surface. 

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  1. Harley June 11, 2019 at 6:21 am

    You should’ve put on a link to the video. It’s very telling. He definitely is a closet dick sucker for sure.

  2. Two Spirit June 11, 2019 at 8:24 am

    The Trevor Project – It included nearly 35,000 respondents from every state in the country.

    Two-thirds of LGTBQ youth reported that someone had attempted to convince them to “change” their sexual orientation or gender identity. “It’s important to note that LGBTQ youth are not at higher risk of suicide because of their sexual orientation or gender identity,” Paley said in a statement. “They are at a higher risk because they face harmful rejection and discrimination from friends, families and communities that can make them feel their lives are worth less than their straight or cisgender peers.”

  3. anonymous June 11, 2019 at 9:06 am

    FB Excerpts>From my inbox:

    “Nazi’s.. that word.sewms to be thrown around a lot these days. it seems some people are uneducated on the subject.. if you truely studied the subject you would learn that most that claim other to be Nazi’s ARE BACJING THE TRIJE NAZIS IN AMERICA. they are just to stupid to realize it.. just like the Germans in the 30’s. go ro Germany and Poland. stand on the graves of 1000s of jews and other deplorables.. you have fallen for the big lie…” [sic]

    First, allow me to say that I’m impressed with the chutzpah of this character. Mike, his name is, and if his profile photo is accurate, he’s an angry faced, gray haired, middle-age man who apparently either lives in a rustic one-room shack or some sort of bedroom built into one corner of a horse barn where he takes a lot of selfies. He’s employed in a manly profession that apparently involves a lot of yelling at gay people on social media and hating on feminist bitches who are ruining America. Unsurprisingly, he’s divorced — and available. The part where I’m impressed is how a guy with his stunningly limited command of basic English grammar and syntax, could without a single shred of self-awareness accuse others of being “uneducated” and “just to [sic] stupid to realize it.” That’s a level of MAGA you’d normal need at least five generations of dedicated inbreeding to achieve.” “Manly Mike” “I really like the part where a guy who says he’s personally not a Nazi uses the line “jews and other deplorables” [sic], again without a shred of self-awareness. That’s … very Aryan Master Race of him, right down to the spelling.”
    “I’ve seen that graphic around, the one which compares Nazis, Iran, Democrats, and Republicans on the x-axis. That’s an amazing graphic. I’d love to know the origin of that table — probably totally not an angry divorced Not-A-Nazi who lives in the corner of a barn and smells like bullshit. Probably not. I dearly love how that table lumps Nazis, Iran, and Democrats all together and declares them guilty of a bunch of vague, undefined subjects while totally absolving Republicans of any of this alleged wrongdoing.”
    “Unfortunately, this ISN’T the result of five generations of inbreeding (well, okay, probably not). I mean, at least then you might have an excuse for limited cognitive ability.

    No, this — this right here — this is the inevitable result of generations of proud ignorance, of pundits and politicians and preachers pushing the idea that education and expertise are “elitism,” of allowing people to write in “Jesus did it” for their answers instead of actually having to do the goddamned brain work, of pandering to the lowest common denominator, of hate and fear writ large for profit, and more than anything of deliberate stupidity touted as a virtue.”<Jim Wright

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