Isn’t that sweet?

Courtesy of HuffPo:

A bronze statue portraying former President Barack Obama has been erected in South Dakota’s “City of Presidents” with a notable addition: his 18-year-old daughter, Sasha Obama.

The statue, which was unveiled at the Elks Theatre in Rapid City on Saturday, depicts the former president waving one hand while holding hands with his younger daughter, who is also waving her other hand. The design was inspired by a photo of the former president with Sasha Obama at his first inauguration, the Rapid City Journal reported.

Barack Obama joins other past U.S. presidents who were memorialized in the downtown area as part of the City of Presidents project that was launched in 2000 under the Rapid City Historic District Tour. The project aims to “honor the legacy of the American presidency” with sculptures positioned along the city’s streets and sidewalks, its website states.

I am not even going to editorialize. 

I will simply point out that it seems every time we talk about Barack Obama lately it concerns a positive story that makes us all feel better. 

We need that more than ever these days, and if it was possible I would include a Barack Obama story every single day.