Okay, this is just sad.

Courtesy of CNN:

A South Carolina man and and his daughter died after being shot while hunting deer on New Year’s Day, a relative of the victims told CNN affiliate WCBD.

Kim Drawdy, 30, and his 9-year-old daughter, Lauren, were hunting Wednesday near their home in Walterboro, South Carolina, according to Benny Drawdy, Kim’s brother.

The two were shot by hunters after being mistaken for deer, according to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR).

The agency said a group of four hunters was driving deer, which is when a group walks toward the animals to move them, but it did not give further details on how two of the hunters were shot.

“When I got the message, I just couldn’t believe it,” Drawdy told WCBD. “My heart stopped when they told me it was my brother and his daughter.”

I am actually not going to launch into a tirade about gun control in response to this story because I think that hunting is still a viable use of firearms especially in rural areas. 

I am a little puzzled over how experienced hunters would end up shooting BOTH of these people however, and that just reinforces in my mind the importance of learning about gun safety even for activities like hunting or target practice. 

I really feel that gun safety course should be mandatory before selling a firearm of any kind to a citizen in this country. 

I really believe we would save an awful lot of lives if that were the case.