Sounds to me as if somebody is worried they might get fired and is now doing some damage control.

Courtesy of In Touch Weekly

The reality star’s reportedly not happy with the way she’s being portrayed on the hit MTV show, and it’s making her reconsider her future with the franchise.

(Wait, WHO’S reconsidering her future with the franchise?)

“It’s obvious Bristol doesn’t want to do another season,” an insider told Radar. “You can tell from her openness on social media she’s less than happy with the way things got portrayed in her first season on the show.”

The 28-year-old reality star wanted to share her story as a woman focused on “her kids and new career,” but reportedly felt offended by MTV’s “aggressive” editing. “There’s a lot more to her than the drama that was shown,” the insider added.

(No there isn’t. I have been covering this family for ten years now, and drama is the coin of the realm for the Palins.)

The mother-of-three really had an issue with the way her on-camera fights with ex-husband Dakota Meyer were aired. “TMOG tried their hardest to ruin her character by making her look like she was the problem with the drama.”

(Or it could be that she WAS the problem with the drama.)

“At the end of the day, where things stand right now, Bristol isn’t particularly interested in being a part of a show that doesn’t cast her in a light that isn’t a real description of who she is,” the source concluded.

I predicted when this whole thing started that it would be a miracle if Bristol did not quit part way through the first season and that if she didn’t quit it was highly unlikely that she would be brought back for a second season.  

Bristol is essentially the kiss of death for television shows, relationships, and of course the emotional stability of her children.