For what?

Courtesy of Fox 17:

First Lady Melania Trump is Palm Beach Atlantic University’s 2020 Woman of Distinction.

She is receiving the award at a luncheon on Wednesday.

Usually, the university honors two women who are dedicated to improving the community.

This year the spotlight is only on the First Lady.

The university says it’s been holding this event for more than 35 years.

Proceeds from the luncheon go toward a scholarship fund for female students.

When I saw this was being given out by a university I went, “Wah?”

But then I saw it was a university in Florida and I went “Ah, now I get it.”

Seriously what kind of advice can Melania Trump actually give these young women who are educating themselves for an actual career that might provide some sense of self esteem?

“Don’t worry about working on your brain Dahlink, just get surgeries for your body so that you can attract an old rich guy who will take care of you.”

Maybe she also provides suggestions for hot male celebrities they can fantasize about while their overweight old smelly husbands are weakly pumping them desperately trying to achieve an orgasm before the Viagra stops working.

I mean honestly, what other way of life does she even know?