Nice to see Lisa taking point on this. 

Courtesy of CNN:

Patience is beginning to wear thin among Senate Republicans for a prolonged government shutdown, with a growing number at risk of revolting if the fight over funding President Donald Trump’s border wall drags out indefinitely.

In interviews with a wide range of Senate Republicans, a number have grown anxious about the long-term impact of a partial shutdown that has shuttered a quarter of the federal government and impacted hundreds of thousands of federal employees and contractors, including many in their states who will soon miss their first paychecks. And some GOP senators are signaling a new willingness to allow a number of key federal agencies — such as the Treasury Department, the Transportation Department and the National Park Service — to reopen even if the fight over the border wall is not resolved, breaking with the White House and Senate GOP leaders.

“I think we can walk and chew gum,” GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska said on Tuesday, adding she’s “amenable to a process that would allow for those appropriations bills that have concluded some time ago that they be enacted into law — whether it’s the Department of Interior or the IRS. I’d like to see that.”

In a warning sign for the White House, a number of Senate Republicans offered tepid support for the hard-line stance taken by Trump, who is backed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. While many Republicans said they’d continue to support McConnell and Trump for now, it was clear that support won’t last indefinitely.

Just today Trump met with the Senate Republicans and when they emerged Mitch McConnell said that they were standing with Trump on his border wall.

However, clearly, they were not all united. 

I think that Murkowski is in a fairly unique position in that she could totally break from Trump on a variety of issues and suffer not one iota of political damage.

Having said that I would not count on her being too bold since as we have learned in the past, she does not stray too far from the reservation.

It is almost a certainty that if this government shutdown continues past Friday, making it the longest government shutdown in history, that Trump is likely to lose a whole lot of support from both Senate and House Republicans who recognize that it would be political suicide to continue supporting Trump and his wall.