Courtesy of NPR:

A 24-year-old soldier in Kansas who allegedly planned to fight with a violent far-right group in Ukraine was charged Monday with distributing bomb-making information over social media, according to the Justice Department.

The FBI says Army Spc. Jarrett William Smith, stationed at Fort Riley, came under investigation in March, when authorities learned he had given bomb-making lessons over Facebook. The FBI also says Smith was in talks about traveling to Ukraine, where he wanted to fight alongside the neo-Nazi paramilitary Azov Battalion.

“To fight is what I want to do,” Smith wrote to an extremist associate, according to an exchange included in the complaint.

Court documents portray Smith as a young man who has been active in the far right for years, predating his joining the Army in 2017. The case is the latest in a string of recent arrests and investigations related to attempted far-right extremist infiltration of the U.S. military, prompting calls for more thorough screenings of enlistees.

So our tax dollars go to train young military members who take that knowledge and then use it to educate potential right wing terrorists. 

Good plan.

I think that there are likely hundreds of young white male soldiers who are secretly sympathetic to right-wing causes.

We definitely need to do a better job of filtering them out, because they could also use the skills they learn in the military to help train potential right-wing terrorists here at home. 

In fact they already have. 

And that should trouble all of us.