Here we go.

Courtesy of The Daily Mail:

Alaska will scrap lockdown measures today (Actually yesterday.) and businesses can operate at 100 per cent capacity with just a handful of restrictions.

From 8am this morning, businesses can operate with all their employees and gyms, museums, libraries and places of worship will also be open to the public.

Some social distancing measures have been implemented but, according to Gov. Mike Dunleavy, Alaska is open for business again.

‘But for all intents and purposes, we are opening up businesses, we’re opening up entities,’ he said at a press conference on Tuesday.

‘It will all be open,’ he added, ‘just like it was prior to the virus.’

Most states had agreed to follow a five-stage phased reopening of services in their journey out of lockdown.

Alaska, which was in phase two until today, has bounded over phases three and four to phase five.

Phase two involves the operation of retail stores, restaurants and personal care services at 50 per cent capacity.

Religious services were operating at 50 per cent capacity. Fitness centers and bars were restricted to 25 per cent capacity.

On Tuesday, Dunleavy said that Alaska had no new cases or deaths to report from Monday and the state’s new infections have stayed below 10 since April.

To be clear we are NOT going back to the way things were before the virus and business are not yet operating at 100%.

Those are exaggerations. 

And my job, in particular, remains 100% in compliance with the initial shelter at home guidelines and we have no intention of relaxing those until we see how this reopening plays out. 

Dunleavy is right that we have seen only a limited number of infections, as of this post that number is about 404 with ten fatalities, but of course, we are not sure how much of that was due to our shelter in place orders and the quarantining of people coming into the state. 

Reopening too quickly could erase all of that good work. 

But I guess we are in it now, so let us see how this affects our status as the state with the lowest number of Coronovirus infections.