Courtesy of The Daily Beast:

Only two days ago, President Trump wrote in Farsi on his Twitter feed to tell Iranians how he was “inspired” by their courage. He clearly couldn’t keep up his respectful tone for long. On Monday, he retweeted a badly photoshopped image of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer in traditional Islamic clothing, along with the caption: “The corrupted Dems trying their best to come to the Ayatollah’s rescue.” The two were shown standing in front of an Iranian flag. The original tweet came from an anonymous Twitter account that has been pumping out pro-Trump and anti-Iranian government material. The photoshopped image was one of a number of Pelosi attacks Trump tweeted or retweeted when he woke up on Monday morning. Judging from his retweets, Trump appears to have been upset by Pelosi’s comments about the Iran crisis on ABC News on Sunday when she said there were a number of different reasons people were taking to the streets in Iran over the weekend, and urged Trump to “move toward peace, not escalation of war.”

Well, this is disgusting. 

And once again it is another clear sign of projection, because I think we all know that it is not Nancy Pelosi who is being directed by a foreign dictator who hates America, now is it?

For all of you who think that now Trump has really hit bottom, I would suggest that you hang on tight, because I seriously doubt we are there yet.