He’s not even trying to hide it anymore.

Courtesy of Newsweek:

Social media users have condemned merchandise promoting President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign, saying it is reminiscent of Nazi imagery.

Available for both men and women, a 100-percent cotton T-shirt retailing for $30 carries the words “America First” above an image of an eagle looking to its left with spread out wings and its talons holding a circular version of the American flag.

Available on Trump’s re-election campaign website, the product description says that it is “proudly made in the USA” and appeals to would-be buyers to show their support for re-electing the incumbent president, with the message: “Let everyone know who you are voting for in 2020.

And who would you be voting for?

A cut-rate Hitler wannabe with delusions of world domination.

Can we just get this election over now, please?