I’m sorry, seriously?

Courtesy of NBC News:

Surveillance video footage from outside the jail cell of accused child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein during his first reported suicide attempt in July has been inadvertently deleted, federal prosecutors revealed Thursday.

Prosecutors, in a filing in U.S. District Court in Manhattan, said the video was deleted as the result of a jailhouse computer error about the location of Epstein’s cellmate at the time Epstein tried to kill himself.

A lawyer for Epstein’s former cellmate said that it was “deeply troubling” to learn that the footage no longer exists. That lawyer, Bruce Barket, has been trying since July to obtain the video.

Okay so let me refresh everybody’s memory with a rundown of what I posted the last time we talked about this Jeffrey Epstein kerfuffle:

Okay so to sum things up Epstein was taken off of suicide watch prematurely, his cellmate was moved out of his room for unknown reasons, the guards who were supposed to check on him every half hour apparently fell asleep at their posts for three hours, the two cameras outside of his cell “malfunctioned,” and a third camera had footage that was deemed “unusable.”

He was found kneeling in his cell with a paper thin bedsheet connected to his top bunk tied around his throat, and several broken bones in his neck.

His body was then moved before detectives coud investigate the scene.

That was all we knew as of January 3rd.

But now we learn that even the video of his so-called “first suicide attempt” is now also gone. 

This may be the clumsiest cover-ups of all time and yet we are aupposed to swallow it and shut up about it. 

Well, that ain’t happening.