So if Trump believes the report vindicates him, why is he trying to stop Robert Mueller from testifying?

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That seems like a reasonable question.

Courtesy of Vanity Fair:

Donald Trump says he’s innocent in the Russia investigation—so innocent, in fact, that he is vehemently opposed to having Robert Mueller testify about his findings on Capitol Hill. Whining that two years of his presidency have been “stollen” by the special counsel, the president on Sunday reversed course on his suggestion that a decision on Mueller’s testimony should be left up to Attorney General William Barr, tweeting that Democrats are “looking for a redo because they hated seeing the strong NO COLLUSION conclusion.”

“Bob Mueller should not testify,” Trump wrote in a characteristically deranged series of tweets. “No redos for the Dems!”

Why someone who has supposedly been “totally vindicated” by the special counsel would want to keep him from speaking publicly about the probe is a mystery, but the effort to silence Mueller escalates the president’s fight with House Democrats, who say they’re looking to bring the special counsel before Congress this month — possibly as soon as next week, Rep. David Cicilline said Sunday. The testimony, which Cicilline said could take place May 15, would represent the first public comments on the nearly-two-year Russia investigation by the notoriously tight-lipped special counsel.

Former prosecutor Joyce Vance said this on MSNBC:

“If Trump has nothing to worry about, he’d be scheduling Mueller’s testimony himself. His concern is a red flag.”


On the one hand, Trump tells anybody who will listen that the report vindicates him and proves the entire investigation was a witch hunt, but then, on the other hand, has his AG block access to the unredacted report and tries to keep Robert Mueller from publicly testifying before Congress. 

Look folks I don’t want to get all conspiracy theorist here but I think Trump might be trying to hide something.

He kind of reminds me of the kid who comes home bragging that he got all “A’s” and then freaks out when you ask to see his report card. 

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  1. anon May 7, 2019 at 6:16 am

    “Putin and Russians see us still arguing about Russian interference in the election that did not exist,” she observed. “Sure, interference existed, right, but read the whole Mueller report. Read volume one.”

    ““The judiciary is the branch that decides what the law means, what the constitution means and how it should be interpreted rather than these threats about locking up the attorney general, that’s absurd,” Napolitano added.

    Congress can and has held Cabinet members or senior executive officials in contempt for not producing documents — this has happened 10 times since 1975. In theory, the “inherent contempt” power allows Congress to direct the sergeant-at-arms arrest people to enforce the ruling, but this drastic measure hasn’t been taken since the 1930s — and while some Democrats have thrown around the idea, it is unclear whether it is seriously being considered.”

  2. anonymous May 7, 2019 at 8:08 am

    Congressional expert Norman Ornstein and CNN global affairs analyst Susan Glasser say this confrontation is ‘not business as usual’

    double dare – a constitutional crisis is a problem…

  3. puck May 7, 2019 at 3:47 pm

    i’d to see the “stable genius” report cards. i bet he failed all the time and daddy got him pushed though.

  4. Anonymous May 7, 2019 at 5:40 pm

    Because he knows the report does NOT vindicate him, that is just another LIE courtesy of traitor trump.

    Now the NY times just dropped the bomb that Mr Art of the DEAL is probable the worst businessman in the history of the USA, lost BILLIONS in 10 years!!! LOL

    He probable will have to pay taxes for the last two years because the AMERICAN TAX PAYER is being scammed to shore up his clubs, golf courses and who knows what else and he might actual make some money from his con job

  5. Anon May 7, 2019 at 10:21 pm

    Why is no one making those round urinal deodorizers with this picture on top? Or maybe they are?? Someone can make a $$$ killing if they act fast.

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