Well that was a crazy night.

Courtesy of Vox:

With races still to be called in Maine and California, the following numbers of Super Tuesday delegates have been awarded:

Former Vice President Joe Biden: 269 delegates
Sen. Bernie Sanders: 239 delegates
Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg: 36 delegates
Sen. Elizabeth Warren: 12 delegates
Rep. Tulsi Gabbard: 1 delegate

Oh look, Tulsi got herself a delegate. Isn’t that cute?

The disclaimer that Vox has up is that these numbers will change slightly when more information becomes available. 

Here’s more from Vox:

The magic number to win the Democratic Party’s nomination for president is 1,991 delegates. It could take months to officially get there, but Super Tuesday is when a large chunk are awarded.

Having picked up the above delegates on Super Tuesday, here’s where all the candidates currently stand in overall delegate count (you can visit Vox’s delegate tracker for more on this):

Biden: 461
Sanders: 404
Bloomberg: 46
Warren: 34
Former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg (dropped out): 26
Sen. Amy Klobuchar (dropped out): 7

The remaining presidential candidates are all competing for a majority of 3,979 pledged delegates; when Super Tuesday is done, 1,344 pledged delegates will have been spoken for. It’s important to note we likely won’t know the final allotment for days — or possibly weeks — as votes from California are counted.

Now I just watched Steve Kornacki over at MSNBC and his numbers were a little different:

Biden: 453

Sanders: 373

Warren: 39

Bloomberg: 18

I guess we will just havw to wait and see who is more accurate. 

It was just reported that Michael Bloomberg has dropped out of the race and endorsed Joe Biden. 

So far no word on what Elizabeth Warren plans to do. 

Update: MSNBC updated their numbers for assigned delegates. 

Joe Biden: 506

Bernie Sanders: 455

And Elizabeth Warren: 42.

I did not write down Bloomberg’s numbers, but now that he is endorsing Biden they will likely go to him anyway.

Now keep in mind that this does not include California which looks to be split between Bernie and Biden, with Sanders about ten points ahead.