Here’s the thing about this photo of a failed rocket launch in Iran.

Nobody’s supposed to know we have it.

Courtesy of Business Insider:

A US official told CNBC on Friday that a photo of an Iranian launchpad that President Donald Trump tweeted out in the afternoon came from an intelligence briefing Trump received earlier in the day.

The picture was attached to a tweet in which Trump said the US was not involved in the failure of an Iranian rocket launch on Thursday.

Iran’s rocket launch failed and blew up on the pad at a space center in Iran, an Iranian official said. A US official also confirmed the news.

Shortly after Trump made his statement, military and national-security experts began sounding the alarm that the president likely tweeted out classified intelligence.

Now this is not the first time that Trump has clumsily shared classified information, he has done it a number of times, once even sharing information gathered by the Israeli intelligence community with Russian spies right in the White House.

However, it should be pointed out that this most recent leak literally comes at the same time that Trump is attacking James Comey for being a leaker of confidential material, even though it was found that he did no such thing. 

I’m just saying.