Courtesy of Yahoo News:

Jeanine Pirro’s Fox News show got a late start on Saturday night due to “technical difficulties” — but when the former New York state judge did appear nearly 15 minutes into her show, her usually perfectly coifed hair appeared disheveled and she seemed to be tipsy in her verbal delivery.

“We apologize for the technical difficulties,” Pirro said when she finally appeared about a quarter into the one-hour broadcast after anchor Jackie Ibanez covered for her initial absence.

Pirro’s speaking was notably loose throughout the broadcast. “Just the other … day the president talked, or was hoping, about the possibility of reopening everything on Easter Sunday, uh, in a way where we could kind of come out of this quarantine, as loose as it may be, that we’re involved in,” Pirro said at one point.

Now there is a lot of debate online, mostly from Fox News viewers, suggesting that we are all jumping to conclusions and that Pirro is probably just overtired or distracted in some way.

However let me just offer my opinion as somebody who comes from a long line of proud alcoholics and who also works in mental health.

Oh yeah, she’s blotto! 

And it’s not the first time that she has appeared to be impaired while appearing on Fox. 

In fact SNL has a whole bit based on it. 

Yep, it looks like Cecily Strong has a lot to work with when she returns from her Coronavirus hiatus.