Courtesy of The Daily Mail

A former Deutsche Bank executive who signed off on several controversial loans to Donald Trump killed himself in his Malibu home earlier this month.

Thomas Bowers, 55, hanged himself on November 19 at his beachside home. The banker was not working for Deutsche Bank at the time.

He is among a handful of people who signed off on loans totaling $2billion to Trump in the decades before he became president, even after other institutions turned him down.

Bowers’ wife Abigail died in 2017. The couple had three children together.

He was the head of the American wealth-management division at one time and oversaw Rosemary T. Vrablic, Trump’s private banker.

Bowers is understood to have left the bank in 2015.

Okay so to be clear first Jeffrey Epstein “commits suicide” right before talking about his fellow perverts, one of who was most likely Donald Trump, and then this guy offs himself right when the House Intelligence and Financial Services committee issued Deutsche Bank a subpoena for Trump’s tax returns?

Okay look, I don’t know, sometimes coincidences happen. 

But we all have to admit that this is all pretty damn convenient. 

And considering the fact that Trump is besties with an ex-KGB agent, well…….