So apparently it is internationally recognized that being a Trump support is essentially the equivalent of being a Nazi. 

Good to know.

Courtesy of The Independent

Pro and anti-Donald Trump protesters have clashed during a march from Trafalgar Square to Parliament in central London.

A small group of supporters of the US president found themselves surrounded by demonstrators in Whitehall.

Police intervened and pulled the pro-Trump group into a nearby pub for their own safety as cries of “Nazi scum off our streets” rang out.

They have since barricaded the small counter-protest group in the Lord Moon of the Mall pub as thousands of demonstrators continue to stream down Whitehall.

Police officers outside the pub told The Independent around 20 pro-Trump supporters are still being held inside and that the incident was the result of a “verbal disagreement”.

They had to station about a dozen police officers outside of the pub to protect the Trump supporters from protesters.

By the way, are these the protests that Trump claims he cannot see?

They seem a little hard to miss to me.