And the Right Wing attacks on Dr. Fauci continue unabated.

Courtesy of CNN:

Local television stations owned by the Sinclair Broadcast Group are set to air a conspiracy theory over the weekend that suggests Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top expert on infectious diseases, was responsible for the creation of the coronavirus.

The baseless conspiracy theory is set to air on stations across the country in a segment during the program “America This Week” hosted by Eric Bolling. The show, which is posted online before it is broadcast over the weekend, is distributed to Sinclair Broadcast Group’s network of local television stations, one of the largest in the country. A survey by Pew Research Group earlier this year showed that local news was a vital source of information on the coronavirus for many Americans, and more trusted than the media overall.

In this week’s episode of the show, Bolling spoke with Judy Mikovits, the medical researcher featured in the discredited “Plandemic” video that went viral earlier this year and which was banned from platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. Throughout the segment, the on-screen graphic read, “DID DR. FAUCI CREATE COVID-19?”

Bolling also spoke with Mikovits’ attorney, Larry Klayman, a right-wing lawyer who also has a history of pushing misinformation and representing conspiracy theorists.

During the interview Mikovits told Bolling that Fauci had over the past decade “manufactured” and shipped coronaviruses to Wuhan, China, which became the original epicenter of the current outbreak. Bolling noted that this was a “hefty claim,” but did not meaningfully challenge Mikovits and allowed her to continue making her case.

Klayman, who did not respond to a request for comment, also pushed conspiracy theories about the coronavirus. He said the “origins” of the virus were in the United States. Bolling didn’t meaningfully challenge Klayman either.

Now Bolling tried to provide a semblance of journalistic credibility by having a doctor on after this segment who said it was “highly unlikely” that Dr. Fauci created the Coronavirus, but still entertained the debunked theory that it was man-made. 

Sinclair also issued a statement saying that they did not necessarily endorse the viewpoints put out by Mikovitz, but they certainly had no problem broadcasting them into people’s homes all across the country. 

This is all clearly an orchestrated hit job by Trump’s supporters to attack the credibility of Dr. Fauci who has become the most trusted voice concerning the pandemic.

They hope that if people stop trusting Fauci that they will suddenly believe the lies being told by Trump about our current situation. 

Hah, fat chance!

P.S. By the way what in the hell did Eric Bolling do to his face?

That is just creeping me out. 

Update: This thing got so much negative attention that they decided to pull it.

Courtesy of the AP:

The Sinclair Broadcast Group said Saturday it is pulling from the air an edition of its “America This Week” program that discusses a conspiracy theory involving Dr. Anthony Fauci and the coronavirus.

Sinclair spokesman Michael Padovano said Sinclair hopes to add context and other viewpoints and still air the controversial segment on the next week’s edition of “America This Week.”

Meanwhile, Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, talked in detail in a new podcast about the “serious threats” and hate mail directed his way.

Well look, I guess you can shame Sinclair Broadcasting into doing the right thing. 

I did not know that.