Courtesy of The Daily Beast:

Local broadcasters affiliated with the conservative Sinclair Broadcasting Group ran stories over the weekend that explicitly promoted a Trump reelection campaign fundraising effort.

At least twenty Sinclair-owned network news broadcasters posted items on their website starting on Thursday hyping a new “Keep America Great” hat for sale on the Trump campaign’s website, according to a review by The Daily Beast. All of the stories appear to have initially linked directly to the campaign’s online store, though that link has since been removed on some of the stories.

Sinclair did not respond to a request for comment. Identical or nearly identical versions of the story ran across numerous Sinclair-owned websites.

“Donald Trump’s re-election campaign has rolled out new hats as the President aims for another four-year term in 2020,” read one version of the story, which ran on the website of the Sinclair-owned D.C.-area station WJLA. “Trump’s online campaign store has started selling red baseball hats with the slogan ‘Keep America Great’ in white letters,” it added, with a link to the official Trump campaign store.

Now that Fox News is falling out of favor with Mein Trumperer it is clear that Sinclair Broadcasting wants to be his go-to propaganda outlet.

Do you all remember when Trump floated the idea of Trump TV and we all laughed about that?

Not so funny now is it?